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Normand Series - Commercial - HE+ Series with Essa+ scraper blade

Normand Series - Commercial - HE+ Series with Essa+ scraper blade

HE+ Series Normand snowblower with Essa+ scraper blade

Created and developed by a snow removal company, the scraper blade  Essa + patented and used since 2002, added to a Normand snowblower is an evolved, complete and versatile tool.

The snowblower of the HE+ serie keep the same specifications as the Normand snowblowers H series making it the fastest, most effective,  robust,  high performance snow removal tool on the  market.

The Essa + scraper blade consists of Hardox 450 steel offering light weight, strength and excellent durability. Its 2 points of articulation are greasable, robust and durable.

The Essa + scraper blade is powered by two cylinders that can move down the scraper blade and raise the blower 7 ½ '' when the scraper blade is lowered to the maximum.

The cylinders are positioned so that they optimize the strength, the robustness and the durability of these and points of articulation.

Deployed to the front of the snowblower, the scraper blade Essa + is the only one making it possible to pick up the snow further ahead and avoiding to leave piles of undesired snow in front of garage doors or other obstacles.

The scraper blade deployed also allows you to start forward without delay, increasing your speed of execution while providing a better quality of surface cleaning and better service

The scraper blade, in the raised position, allows the use of the snowblower its full cutting height (for snow blowers 1 auger). The scraper blade is easily removable. The body of the scraper can be removed simply by removing two attachment pins. Therefore the snowblower may be used conventionally.

Of series, rubber blades are fixed over the entire width of the scraper and along the sides. The very resistant rubber protects the asphalt and pavement streaks and traces of rust and also offers an incomparable quality of surface cleaning.


HE+ Series snowblower with Essa+ scraper blade
HE+ Series snowblower with Essa+ scraper bladeModels: N78-260HE+, N86-280HE+, N92-280HDE+, N92-310HE+, N98-310HE+, N98-342HE+
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